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Mother of the Bride/Groom


I’m loving this season newest look in dresses, if you have a wedding, a party, a fashion event or heading out to Dinner a dress with a lace sleeve is your answer. It gives you the coverage you need with confidants. A small bit of advice, put on a little bit of false tan or bronzer this will make your arms look more toned under the lace, but be careful not to over do it as you want it to look natural.

 For Mother of the Bride (or Mother of the Groom) there’s often pressure to look as good as your offspring and it can be a hard occasion to shop for as there is a touch of formal wear involved. Structured, sleeves and a statement headwear are the three things that we at Hannons recommend for a perfect wedding day outfit. Here are our top picks to get the perfect Mother of the Bride/Mother of the groom look.

A Lace dress is a chic choice for mother of the brides and this is one occasion when Headwear is a must, with a surge of styles and colours at Hannons you are spoilt for choice. Keep your jewellery shoe and bag classic without drawing to much attention to them as your dress is the Key piece. Make sure you’re comfortable in your outfit as it is a long day and you will need to look and feel great.